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AMVAF, Association Martial Vout for Women’s Self-Defense, was created in 2016 by Felicia Schumacher, Edith Vout and Martial Vout. AMVAF aims to:

  • Promote the autonomy and safety of women in India by organizing and funding women’s self-defense workshops.
  • Train Indian instructors in Martial Vout’s self-defense method and remunerate them for holding women’s self-defense workshops.
  • Organize courses and fundraising activities in Switzerland, Europe and India aimed at funding autonomy and security measures for women in India.

Martial Vout Delhi - Trainers' program 49 Martial Vout Delhi - Trainers' program 48 Martial Vout Delhi - Trainers' program 17

In Switzerland, AMVAF organizes self-defense workshops for women and girls, the benefits of which finance self-defense courses in India. AMVAF collaborates with various NGOs in Mumbai and Delhi to organize and hold workshops in slums and schools. The main NGO partners of AMVAF are USDF usdfindia.org in Mumbai and Agragami www.agragami.org.in in Delhi.

To date, two teams of 5 and 7 young women from shantytowns are giving monthly workshops for which they are remunerated by AMVAF.

Our NGO partners also propose these workshops to companies, which allows us to raise funds locally.

Beyond enabling women to acquire self-defense skills and become aware of their own formidable assets, our aim is to help them gain more self-confidence and the necessary strength for greater independence.


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Formations à Mandanpur Khadar, sud de Delhi, 2016