Who are we?

AMVAF is an non-profit association founded in 2016 by Felicia Schumacher, Martial Vout and Edith Vout-Camenzind. Today, our organization is made up of 5 members, Sabine Alberty and Claire-Lise Worreth having joined the association in 2017.

Our objectives are to:

  • Combat violence against women and girls in Europe and India by providing courses in instinctive self-defense,
  • Build and create solidarity bonds between our continents: making a donation and/or taking a course here, will help an Indian woman over there,
  • Raise funds to strengthen women’s autonomy and security in India by training and paying local instructors.

Our actions:

In Switzerland and Europe :

To finance its programs in India, AMVAF offers:

  • Self-defense courses for women and girls,
  • Courses for companies and associations to teach their female employees or members useful skills,
  • The opportunity for everyone to make a donation,
  • The possibility for foundations, companies or associations to become AMVAF supporters.

In India:

  • AMVAF teams up with two well-established NGO’s (non-governmental organizations), USDF in Mumbai and Agragami in Delhi to intervene in slums, schools and colleges and offer our self-defense workshops,
  • AMVAF trains and pays self-defense coaches throughout the year. Currently we employ 9 instructors in Delhi and 6 in Mumbai.
  • This compensation enables families of very modest means to survive and/or finance the studies of their children.


Worth knowing:

  • Since 2008, Martial Vout has been travelling regularly to India to teach classes and train instructors. To date, he has spent 45 months in Mumbai and Delhi.
  • Training classes number between 30 and 60 students. Instructors receive 500 Rupees (+ 200 for travel expenses) per workshop. (500 Rupees is worth about $6.60 – May 2019 exchange rate).
  • The 2019 average Indian salary is about $300/mth (https://surejob.in/average-salary-in-india.html).